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Item Description:
Pearl And Garnet Pin

Item Code: BRPI001
Metal: 18ct Yellow Gold
Gem Detail: Natural Pearl And Carved Garnets

Cost: £285

Item Description:
Red Ribbon

Item Code: BRPI002
Metal: 18ct Yellow Gold
Gem Detail: 15 Facetted Rubies

Cost: £485

Item Description:
Blackmore Broach

Item Code: BRPI003
Metal: Gun Metal and 18ct Gold Plated
Gem Detail: Seed Pearls, Rubies, Emeralds

Cost: £295

Item Description:
Buddha Pendant / Pin

Item Code: BRPI004
Metal: 18ct Yellow Gold
Gem Detail:
Carved Emerald of Buddha, Square Cut Emerald, Sapphires,
Rubies And Diamonds

Cost: £POA (Commissions’ Only)

Item Description:
Diamond Nappy Pin

Item Code: BRPI005
Metal:18ct Yellow Gold

Cost: £350